Dîner secret

The first entertainment brand dedicated to luxury hospitality

I am proud to present to you the first entertainment experience designed specifically for luxury hospitality.
It is a glamorous, original, surprising and universal show that can be tailored to your needs : a unique moment that guests feel, they alone, have shared.
It is a fully immersive experience.
At the centre of the room, bathed in light, during an exclusive dinner, an elegant young woman appears, then levitates into the magician’s arms.
The audience’s thoughts will be predicted and contained in a crystal box, drinks will be poured from a transparent carafe, and the show will end with a champagne fountain for all guests to enjoy.
It is more than a dinner, more than a show : it is an experience.
This is «Dîner Secret»

Stefan Leyshon

Dîner Secret – Paris, Geneva, Gstaad, Cannes, Istanbul, Hong Kong…
Change your dinner in a unique experience

Inspired by History

On 3 July 1845, at 164 Galerie de Valois, in a apartment overlooking  the Palais Royal gardens in Paris, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin opened  his theatre and created his Soirées Fantastiques.
This was the first theatre in the world entirely dedicated to the art of the virtual.

By combining his experience as a watchmaker and his talents as an illusionist,  Robert-Houdin created one of the most popular shows in Europe.

Georges Méliès, an admirer of Robert-Houdin, acquired this unique location  to create the first cinema in April 1896.

Indeed in 1915 it was renamed as the Ciné Salon Robert-Houdin.

More than a century and half later, Stefan Leyshon, artist magician and artistic director, reproduces the still-unexplained miracles of the master with a thoroughly  contemporary flavour.

For the first time in the history of magic, since the Soirées Fantastiques first graced on stage, this elegant art is restored to the refinement and standards that made it such a success.