John Fung

John Fung is an International Award-Winning Professional Magician based in Hong Kong and he was starred in the NowTV reality TV series “I am a Magician(我係魔術師)”  which was shot at the world renowned “The House of Magic” at Studio City Macau, the TVB big hit “Street Socerers 2 (街頭魔法王2)” and “The Magic Ring (魔法擂台)”. John was highly acclaimed of his showmanship and skills. John was also the Magic Consultant for superstars TWINS’ 2016 concert.
John’s charismatic on-stage persona and mind-blowing close-up interactive Magic had impressed audiences sizing from 100 to 1000 and his talent had made him the favourite entertainer for many Global Brand Names and Corporates. John’s bespoke Stage Magic is perfect for Product Launches, Annual Dinners, Keynote Presentations and Weddings while his Close-Up Magic Performance is popular for events like Store Openings, Cocktail Parties, In-Store Events and Banquets etc.
John also frequently collaborate with brand names on online and offline marketing campaigns. Utilising his Magical Talents and online presence on social media John and his team will tailor-make creative and viral marketing campaigns for his clients.

Edwin Wong

© Edwin Wong

Edwin Wong is one of the new Hong Kong’s talent magicians. Specialized in Corporate or V.I.P events, Edwin combines drama and comedy skills in a magic performance.

Lauria Wu

Lauria Wu is a multi talented MC currently living in Hong Kong.

Lauria Wu engaged herself in performing arts since age 11 in her hometown, San Francisco, as one of the violinists in orchestra. She continued in dance production and was the only Asian cheerleader on the team during her time in highschool.

In addition, she began performing lion dance with her martial arts team for the city and competed in martial arts tournaments at age 13.

In 2005 she began her performing arts career in Hong Kong

In 2013, she won Miss Photogenic, Miss Talent, Miss Best Brand and Winner of Miss Chinese Culture Global Competition (Hong Kong).

As an actress, Lauria is known for her work on Transformed (2017), Christmas at the Royal Hotel (2018) and HongKonglicious: Lost Chopsticks (2016).

She continued to pursue her career as an actress, stuntwoman, MC & performing artist until today.

Lauria is our MC and Translator in Cantonese and Mandarin.


Ferdinand has been practicing magic since he is nine years old. He performed both stage and close-up magic. Specialized in cards manipulation he is also used to conjuring with a multitude of objects such as coins, sponge balls, paper balls or even post-its! He has already demonstrated his misdirection skills during various local or international events in Asia as in Europe and Africa.