Katell Sevestre

Katell Sevestre is an author, producer and creator of performing arts shows. Since 1999, she has been an important promoter of French culture on the international stage.

In 1999, Katell created the production company Madgicprod to promote her work within the live performing arts sector.

Over the next ten years, through Madgicprod, she created shows performed by Stefan Leyshon for television (Disney Channel, TF1, M6.)  She also worked on theatrical productions for Bob Wilson in New York (Watermill Center) and  Xavier Durringer for the Festival d’Avignon

In 2010, she co-devised the magical choreography for the Louis Vuitton stand in the French Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai.

In 2010, she created and co-directed the first International Magic Festival of Mâcon. She went on to be the Festival director for the next three years.

In 2011, to make magical expertise accessible to a greater number of people, Katell co-founded the Centre International de Formation aux Arts Magiques (International Training Centre for Magical Arts) CIFAM.

In 2011, she wrote Courts Instantanés published by Editions Archimbaud, and read by the Comédie Française members at the book’s launch event.

In 2013, she created the show Dîner Secret as a tribute to the French visionaries Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin et Georges Méliès.

In 2016, an expanded Dîner Secret was in residence at the Plaza Athénée hotel throughout the year .

In 2017, due to popular demand, Katell set up an Asian office in Hong Kong. With the support of the French Consulat, a production of Dîner Secret was put on in the greatest venues in Southeast Asia.

Through its association with noted French brands, Madgicprod is an important part of the promotion of French culture and the spreading of the image of French expertise to their prestigious clientele. Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Cartier are principal partners.

Katell continues to promote French cultural interests as the writer and producer of prestigious events for CCI France internationally, notably in Hong Kong, Ghana, Switzerland, Vietnam…

During the global pandemic, she created Champagne Secret a more intimate version of Diner Secret. This production was then performed in the most iconic hotels in Vietnam.

With the productions, she promotes the best of French expertise.

During the pandemic, Katell continued to promote French cultural interests in Vietnam.