Magic @

Magic @ is the family and friends luxury experience.

After its first show on 26th September 2020, Magic @ The Park has become the most popular magic show in Saigon, loved by all of audiences.

Being an exquisite experience crafted for both children and adults, Madgic @ blends magic, fun-fair spirit and childhood treats together, creating an unforgettable fair that is ideal for a weekend gathering with your beloved family.

Featuring the acclaimed illusionist, Stefan Leyshon, this sensational series is full of twists and treats you will not forget.

Get ready to be blown away with Stefan’s creatively splendid performances while enjoying a great afternoon with your family. The show is from 3pm to 5pm, with limited seating.

Welcome to Magic@ !

Magic@ is an exclusive experience written and created by Katell Sevestre and Stefan Leyshon.